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Results with Lucy x Lifebox

Results with Lucy x Lifebox

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There really is nothing like a box arriving at your door, jam-packed full of delicious treats... and that's exactly what you'll get! We've teamed up with our friends at Lifebox to bring you an exclusive Results with Lucy box filled with goodies for our lovely #RWLFitties! 

Grab one while you can! 


1 x Macacha Plantbased Protein Sachet
Organic pea and rice protein make up the base for both the ENERGY and PEACE blends. These blends also contain six organic plant ingredients that have complementary phytonutrients to support all health systems in the body. Our most loved super foods and botanicals are the basis for the two blends.
(R, V, VE, DF, WF, GF, ASF, SF, NF)
1 x Nina’s Superfit Popcorn
Naturally nutritious. By using antioxidant and nutrient-rich ingredients, Nina has created a popcorn snack that is both delicious and nutritious. Nina's is made using 100% plant-based ingredients and is gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar free.
(V, VE, DF, GF, WF, ASF, SF)
1 x Linwoods Snackettes
100% Natural, Completely Organic, Source of Protein - these are THE best snacking companion!
(GF, WF, DF, V, VE, SF, ASF)
1 x Nuva Water
Natural Spring Water with a “kiss” of natural extracts & flavours. No sugar, No calories, No Sweeteners & No preservatives.
(R, V, VE, WF, GF, DF, SF, ASF, P, NF)
1 x Alchemy Organic Superblends Beauty Elixir
This enriching radiance boost is a complete blend of 6 nourishing super nutrients Baobab, acai, goji berries, camu camu, pea protein & wheatgrass. A sumptuous blend of vegan plant protein designed to nurture your skin, hair & nails
(O, V, VE, R, GF, WF, DF, SF, ASF, NF)
1 x Maza Artisan Raw Chocolate
Luxurious Artisan Raw Chocoalte made with highly nutritious natural sweetener Palmyra Nectar, 70% cacao, cacao butter and coconut
(R, V, VE, GF, WF, DF, SF, ASF)
1 x Pulsin Raw Protein Bar
This sweet and crunchy bar, has over 13g of protein, making it a great post workout snack! Pulsin only use natural protein powder in all of their snack bars, to ensure there is plenty of goodness without sacrificing on great taste.
(V, VE, DF, WF, GF, SF, ASF, R)
1 x Yogi Tea Green Energy
From Yogi: Green tea improves our soul’s inner alertness and concentration. Being aware and alert gives us a better perspective and a conscious presence. Enjoy traditionally used guarana from the rainforest in combination with smooth green tea in this focused YOGI TEA® blend. Peppermint, lemongrass and elderflower give a fresh, fruity finish to this delicious blend.
The essence of this tea is: ‘Meditation in motion’
(O, V, VE, ASF, SF, WF, DF, GF, NF)
1 x PHD Woman Plant Protein bar
Perfect pre or post workout snack made with deliciously natural plant protein.
(WF, GF, DF, SF, ASF, V, VE, R)
3 x Conscious Water Enhancer Sachets
FROM CONSCIOUS: Combining the power of water and the energy of flower essences, our Water Enhancers act as a daily affirmation, reminding us to take a moment to ourselves each day to reflect on who we are and what we would like to achieve; to make choices; and to aspire to the greatest we can be. The idea behind using flower essences for healing have been used for generations in many cultures around the world, including Native American Indians and Australian Bushmen. The belief is that flower essences can stimulate our own ability to heal on all levels of our being simultaneously. They can address imbalances on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Another unique characteristic of flower essences as a healing modality is the belief that your entire being is involved in the healing process. The flowers acknowledge us as intricate beings comprised of different energy levels, and work on healing our whole self. Each type of flower has a different, unique energetic quality.
(R, V, VE, GF, WF, DF, SF, ASF, NF)
1 x Pip n Nut Almond Butter
Naturally Nutritious nut butter made from just-roasted nuts and a sprinkling of sea salt so they’re incredibly fresh, deliciously pure and bursting with wholesome nutty goodness.
(V, VE, GF, WF, DF, ASF, SF)
1 x The Department of Breakfast Cacao Goji Granola
Combines a base of sprouted buckwheat with carefully selected raw and natural superfoods.
(R, P, V, VE, GF, DF, WF, ASF, SF)
1 x Kiki Health Natures Living Superfood Supplement Sachet
Natures Living Superfood is 100% raw, green alkalising whole food supplement. It is derived from a comprehensive blend of raw whole foods, including alkalising land and sea vegetables, micro-algaes, enzymes and bacterial cultures. All 34, cold pressed, primary ingredients have been carefully selected, balanced and prepared to ensure maximum absorption and utilization in the body at a cellular level. It is designed to support your daily nutritional needs as it is made exclusively from plant-based, whole food ingredients with probiotics and enzymes, all of which assist in allowing the body to absorb the nutrients it needs and support digestive health.
(V, VE, R, WF, GF, DF, ASF, SF, NF)
VE = Vegan V = Vegetarian WF = Wheat free GF = Gluten free DF = Dairy free SF = Soy free ASF = Added sugar free O = Organic R = Raw NF = Nut Free P = Paleo

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