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Abbie Warren

Abbie Warren

October 08, 2016
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Which RWL plan have you completed?

Wobble to Model, Beach Body and Six Pack Abs

Before weight:

13 stone

Weight after completing your RWL plans: 

9 stone 9lbs

What was your situation before joining RWL? 

Regularly exercised but always carried out cardio. Completed six pack abs last year before my holidays and seen big results. Needed to lose excess fat and tone up. Didn’t like exercise as I didn’t really enjoy myself whilst doing it.

What were your fears and worries about joining RWL? How do you feel about those fears now?

Wasn’t sure whether it would just be another exercise DVD but because of the variety of exercises throughout all plans this attitude soon changed! Didn’t want it to be another exercise plan that I enjoyed but dwindled off from after a few weeks!

What specific physical and mental changes have you seen in yourself since starting Results with Lucy?

Mentally prepared to exercise on a daily basis and enjoy what I’m doing. Physically I am a lot fitter and much more toned up than I have ever been! Motivated to complete different plans and have received so many compliments since beginning last year! Have not done the plans constantly but done 3 plans in the past year and have seen huge changed physically! Can’t thank Lucy and Cecilia enough!!

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Instagram: abbiewarren_

Twitter: abbiewarren_

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