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Carys Oldall

Carys Oldall

October 10, 2016
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Which RWL plan have you completed?

Solo, New Beginnings and Beach Body

Before weight:

10 stone 11lbs

Weight after completing your RWL plans: 

9 stone 8lbs

What was your situation before joining RWL? 

I was unhealthy, unfit and badly educated on what was good for my body. I had tried other “diets” before but was still filling my body with artificial sweeteners and processed food due to my lack of knowledge. I joined the gym in an attempt to lose weight but never comfortable working out in front of other people. I had no clue to what I should be doing in a gym and couldn’t afford PT sessions. I had tried so many quick fixes but was in need of a complete lifestyle change.

What were your fears and worries about joining RWL? How do you feel about those fears now?

I had tried so many things in an attempt to lose weight and tone up and failed on so many occasions. I really didn’t want to fail again. I struggle to keep myself motivated and get frustrated if I don’t results.

Amazing! I haven’t failed. I’ve worked my arse off to get good results and in such a short amount of time too! The RWL community and team has picked me up on every low.

What specific physical and mental changes have you seen in yourself since starting Results with Lucy?

Physically I’ve noticed a massive change is my legs. These were always my problem area. They’re now toned and strong. I’m also slowly losing cellulite on my legs and bum. I’ve lost a lot of fluff from my stomach and starting to see definition coming through. Seeing results keeps me motivated.

Mentally, I’ve become stronger. I’ve realised if I really put my all into something I really can do it. I have more energy and don’t feel as tired as before. I’ve been educated on the right foods to eat and realised sometimes it’s okay to rest and recharge.

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Instagram: caryso_rwl

Twitter: carysoldall

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