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The UK’s #1 Online Health and Fitness Platform for Women

The UK’s #1 Online Health and Fitness Platform for Women

October 08, 2016
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It’s hard to believe it now, but Lucy hasn’t always been the fitness guru she is today. Like most women, her journey began when she started feeling uncomfortable; she lacked confidence in herself and knew something had to change.

After just 3 months of meeting Cecilia, Lucy’s life had completely changed. She began cooking delicious, healthy meals and discovered her newfound love for exercise… and the changes didn’t stop there! Lucy had more energy, she felt fitter, happier, and more confident! She’d always been slim, but visually you could also see a huge difference in the shape of her body.

It didn’t take long for Lucy and Cecilia to realise they could help other women, and now Results with Lucy has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women right across the globe.


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