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Do It Your Way

Go for complete flexibility, or a structured plan.

Unlimited Variety

350+ 5-10 Minute Expert-Led Workout videos

Anywhere, Any Time

No limitations you're in control on any device!


Pay monthly for access, or buy one-off plans.

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Fitness & Nutrition

Get fit, lose weight, tone up; whatever your goal, achieve it from the comfort of your own home. With Results with Lucy you have a huge variety of fun workouts delivered from 15 different PTs! And our meal plans are real food, for real girls which get real results!
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Join our amazing #RWLFitties and share your sweaty selfies, workout videos and meal creations! Being part of the team and receiving support when you need it is what we believe to play huge role in your successful transformation.
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It's A Lifestyle

We promote a healthy life change and to do this you need to know how and why we make the choices we make. With tonnes of videos, blogs and emails we keep you educated in what you're up to and what you're eating.
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"I’m a lot more confident in myself I wear different clothes and feel good in them"

Checkout Our Plans!

Our Real Results

Lisa Draper
It’s worked fantastically with my life and will continue to do so! Read my story
Rebekah Csizmazia
I plan and prepare meals and am amazed at how easy and natural it all is now. Read my story
Abbie Warren
Physically I am a lot fitter and much more toned up than I have ever been! Read my story
Carys Oldall
The RWL community and team has picked me up on every low! Read my story
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"I’m finally on my way to being slim, happy & healthy!"


EatWell with Lucy

  • Over 400+ Recipes
  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Quick and Easy to Prepare
  • Eating Out Guides
  • Macronutrient Balanced
  • Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Options
  • Nut Free Options

No more excuses! You can access your online portal on all these devices!


Over 250,000 Girls! Why Results with Lucy?

No matter what your fitness level, Results with Lucy has something for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Huge Variety

350+ individual workout videos and over 400 delicious recipes.


Cheaper than gym memberships & PT sessions.

24/7 Access

As long as you’ve got a device, you’ve got access!

On All Devices

Accessible on phone, tablet, laptop or TV!

Women Only

Created to meet the health and fitness needs of women.

Proven Results

Amazing results achieved by thousands of real women.

Video Workouts

Video based PT sessions that will challenge your whole body.

No Travel

Achieve your goals from the comfort of your own home.

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"The biggest change is my mentality towards exercise, food and MYSELF!"

Our Blog Fitness, Lifestyle & Inspiration

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Florentina goes to Reveal Magazine!

Florentina has lost nearly 6 stone with RWL through healthy...

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Lisa Draper

It’s worked fantastically with my life and will continue to...

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